Monomoy Area Plan

Executive Summary

An island 14 miles long and 3 ½ miles wide, Nantucket is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 30 miles south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Monomoy neighborhood is one of nine communities on the island that has undertaken a local area planning exercise to serve as a contribution to the pending update of the Town of Nantucket’s Master Plan, which is slated for presentation at the 2023 Annual Town Meeting.

Under the auspices of the Monomoy Civic Association (MCA), a Monomoy Area Plan (MAP) Working Group was constituted to undertake a participatory and inclusive exercise, structured in a manner to ensure all stakeholder voices are heard and to develop a consensus among residents about the future of the Monomoy. Guided by direct input from the community through a Neighborhood Survey, the MAP identifies and promotes a  common vision for the future of Monomoy, as well as the community’s concern for the island as a whole.

The MAP has been designed with five considerations in mind, namely: (i) to serve as an advisory document, (ii) to reflect the aspirations of Monomoy residents, (iii) to be “actionable,” (iv) to be implementable and (v) to serve as a “living document” that can be reviewed and refined over time.

From this consultative and participatory planning process, a vision for our Monomoy has been developed, anchored on pillars that frame the neighborhood as an engaged and proactive community committed to resilient and sustainable pathways, both locally and island wide. 

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Monomoy’s Historic Architectural Heritage
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This vision puts Monomoy forward as a sanctuary for protected wetlands and wildlife, with its residents committed to act as responsible stewards of the environment. Survey results confirm that the community strongly wishes to preserve Monomoy’s low-density, low-impact residential community character, while working closely with the Town and the surrounding island community to address the shared challenges. In doing so, Monomoy hopes to contribute to the overall sustainability of our fragile island environment and maintain and improve the quality of life for all residents across Nantucket.

The MAP exercise tackled community topics and issues in the form of six elements, which align with the outline of the Town Master Plan update. The MAP proposes recommendations for each respective element, guided by the Neighborhood Survey, which can be summarized as follows:


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