The Monomoy Civic Association (MCA) was established in 2012 by residents of the Monomoy community to protect and promote the mutual interests of property owners and residents in the part of Nantucket commonly called Monomoy. Monomoy includes large amounts of open space, access to the Harbor and the Creeks, and a quiet spacious feel with numerous unpaved roads, wetlands, and scenic views. The MCA seeks to preserve this landscape and to support area-appropriate improvements therein. The MCA is a forum through which the Monomoy community can gather to discuss matters of common interest. It strives to maintain and enhance the quality of life and quiet enjoyment of this residential neighborhood for its residents and members. 

The Monomoy Area Plan Boundary

Monomoy comprises about 217 acres as delineated by the Monomoy Area Plan Boundary. Within the boundary, 131 residential lots are owned by 121 homeowners, while three others are used for commercial purposes.

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Board of Directors

Ken Roman, President

Jeff Parker, Vice President                                     
Laura Choma, VP/Treasurer                                     Debbe Nicholson, Asst. Treasurer

Matt Dwyer

Meg Dwyer – Nominating Committee

David Ernst
Anne Finucane
Steve Leinbach
Michael Metz
Leo Mullen – Website
Ed Orenstein
Michael Stanton

Matthew Westfall – Monomoy Area Plan


Director Emeriti

Karl and Sue Ottison


Past Presidents

Ted Taylor – 2012
Peter Campanella – 2013 - 2018
Ken Roman – 2018 - 2021
Evan Jones, Franci Neely – 2021 - 2022
Ken Roman – 2022 -


Monomoy Civic Association. LLC is a Not For Profit organization chartered in the state of Massachusetts. All content on this website and connected social media are © Copyright 2024 by Monomoy Civic Association, LLC.

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