Like all communities, Monomoy faces a wide range of issues that effect the neighborhood’s quality of life. MCA is dedicated to working collaboratively with community members and other Nantucket stakeholders to find and implement the best solutions possible. Primary areas of concern include the following 

Balancing Residential Development and Preservation

Maintain Monomoy’s rural and low-density character

Conservation/Preservation of Waterfront Resources

Protect against misuse of waterfront resources, promote beach beautification and proper access to beaches and the Creeks, and mitigate against rising sea levels.

Traffic/Road Safety and Infrastructure

Keep our roads safe and both pedestrian and bike-friendly

Environmental Protection

Reduce noise and light pollution and protect against negative impacts of inappropriate development in Monomoy and adjacent areas.

Advocacy and Governance 

The MCA shall cooperate as appropriate with other likeminded groups to further its mission and to address Monomoy-area concerns with the Town of Nantucket or other entities. The Association may take a position on a community or other issue that a majority of its Board concludes is of importance to the Monomoy or Nantucket. The MCA encourages a respectful, friendly, and neighborly sense of community, but has no “enforcement” powers. It will also strive to keep its members appraised of developments and matters that a majority of its Board concludes will have an impact or potential impact on the community as a whole.


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